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I have been looking for a second job to fund my new adventures. A couple of days ago I went to a SuperGroup Assessment Centre. Such a great experience and a much better way to figure out the right people to hire. I detest job interviews and I usually end up getting so nervous I can’t think and ultimately don’t get the job. Especially for positions I really want! This job I really want. Not only is the money better but it appears to be a very nice place to work, the people were awesome and the clothes are obviously great! The discount being an added bonus. The atmosphere during the whole session was relaxed and fun and I think I have a good shot of getting this job. It will also be a great confidence booster to get a job purely for being myself. I had a fair bit in common with most of the interviewers too. I will be finding out by email so I have been permanently signed into my email account whenever I am at the computer. I am not known to be the most patient of people and I really just want to know if I got it!

I am excited about a lot of things going on at the moment actually. I am working on my future and everything all seems to finally be coming into place. My ultimate aim is to be self employed, self-sufficient and independent. I have written up a list of all potential careers that I could attempt as a self employed person. I will be researching and trying out many of these ideas and taking courses in some related things. I just want to learn and better myself constantly. I no longer sit around unproductively. I have a new lease on life and I’m loving it again! We are in the process of setting up a family business in which I will be a partner and I am pumped to get started and work my butt off to make it a success. It will help us a great deal and hopefully get my mother out of her crappy job. She deserves so much better. She works way too hard for someone her age and like most jobs they take advantage. It really makes me sick! So I am going to do my best to get her out of the whole situation.

It’s never too late to change your situation! If you don’t like something about your life go ahead and make a little effort to change it and you will be amazed at the results. Not only will your health and peace of mind benefit but also the people around you and the way you look at life will change for the better. Take a walk in a different pair of shoes and see how they fit!

***Update: Didn’t get the job. Gutted. Oh well everything happens for a reason.


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