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I just started watching this programme and I’m enjoying it. Its well written and concentrates on a theme that I find really interesting. I just wish people could start seeing the real point behind these types of messages in the media, they’re all around us. You don’t have to be dying to just be yourself, take control of your life and realise what the important things are. I could never say it enough…Life is too short! There is someone who I really care about that is scared to be himself and do the things he really wants to do and it can be very frustrating but also at the same time quite sad because if they don’t realise it soon they’re life would have disappeared before their eyes and they won’t be left with much at all in terms of the important things like love and friendship.

I used to think it was something that comes with age but its not because you can meet 12 year olds who are more mature and realise the value of life more than some 50 year olds. It comes with life experience but if you don’t go out there and get that life experience you will never grow. You will also never find out what it is you really want and need to be happy. I know because I used to be the same, I’m sure most have gone through it at least once in their life. All you have to remember is EVERYONE makes mistakes and the only person who really has the right to judge you is YOU. Those others who judge you shouldn’t worry about anyway because you are obviously better off without them. Try not to judge yourself harshly as often that is part of the problem. Becoming happy is really quite simple. You concentrate on the good and forget the bad. Learn a lesson from whatever mistake it is you made, forget what happened but remember what it has taught you.

I hate sounding preach-ey but it really is important! Especially during times like these when people are out ruining other people’s lives for absolutely no reason.

On a weirdly interesting note. Did you know that dogs can smell cancer in a human and apparently some other medical conditions too?

Now go and be free! To those in London be smart and stay safe. xxx


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