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I discovered that starting to find the old me again was as simple as flicking through an old notebook of mine. A lot of random thoughts and ideas that will most likely end up in here. Does anyone find that they struggle to physically write with a pen now because we do it less and less these days? I am still a traditionalist in many ways. I use my phone merely for calls and texts. I could not stand reading from a Kindle or anything that isn’t an actual book. I can’t even bring myself to throw away books.

Anyway I found some poems I roughly wrote in there and thought I would share. I will admit freely I know nothing at all about poetry, even studying it at school I struggled to find meanings within them. So these poems I already know are utter poop but they obviously meant something to me at the time of writing them so here goes. I am able to take criticism, its not like I will be publishing a collection. I don’t even write poetry I just write whatever comes into my head. Something that anyone who reads this will also see. Stand by for many retractions and contradictions haha

My heart beats a lonely path
Each adventure has left a scar
My eyes tell a thousand stories
My hands shape what is to come.
My soul weakens as each day breaks
At the final hurdle who is there to judge?
The mind must overcome all else.

Looking down that long dark tunnel
I see his face so clear
Theres nothing I want more to join you,
Nothing I want less.
As I tell my final story
As I lay my head to rest
Hello. Goodbye. The End. Under no duress.

The sun used to shine in my heart
Now it just shines in my window
Watching me store away all my memories of you
All the sights, the sounds
The heat rises
The salty liquid falls
My broken heart still skips a beat
When I hear your name
When I see your face
That scent.
Obsessive, possessive, compulsive
Impulsive is how it all began
Will it ever really end

You were there if only by chance
You were the at the darkest point of my life
You may not have been the best example but you were there
You were there to help make the pain go away, if only temporarily
You were there to hold me and take away the loneliness
You were there to help me sleep when I couldn’t bear to face it alone
You probably didn’t even realize it at the time but you were there for me

Bored with my existence
I wanna dance
I wanna fly
I wanna create beauty
I wanna swim the deepest oceans
Float above the clouds
Speed across land
Make peace


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