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Part of my new life is taking time out to volunteer. I’m coming up to the end of my volunteer project helping a partially sighted lady set up a charity for her disease. Once it is over I will very much stay a part of the forefront of this charity and help make it a success. I will also be befriending an elderly person with Age Concern very soon.  I find people incredibly interesting but also very scary. Older people especially have generally done so much in their lives. Talk to your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours, you would be very surprised to see what they have done throughout their lifetime. For example my late grandfather was a prisoner of war during WWII, my living grandfather has so many great stories about being in the army and also about his lenghty career on the London Underground. I fear all the stories our children will have to tell their grandchildren will involve online gaming…now that wont be very interesting! You obviously don’t have to help the elderly through official channels. There are probably many elderly people around you who are lonely and would very much appreciate the company. A chat, a cuppa and a few choccie biscuits once a week doesnt sound all that bad does it? I have always loved to help people but I feel like in helping others I can focus less on myself, which usually causes me to stress out, and I can gain confidence and satisfaction in what I’m doing at the same time. Both of which will greatly help me in my future endeavours…whatever they may be!

It has been said that the best way to find yourself is to spend time helping others. It really is rewarding. Not only have I met new people and made new friends but I finally feel like the work I’m doing is for a good purpose as usually I am working my butt off to help line some fat CEOs pockets. The latter can be quite soul destroying but this charity work motivates me to do better and also reminds me that there are people out there far worse off than myself. A reminder that most of us need occasionally. The charity is set up for quite a rare disease that there is not much information about for sufferers in the UK. It will aim to help people like Nadier and the girl in this story

If anyone is interested the website can be found here If anyone is interested in volunteering, I would very much recommend it. You can search by area and choose anything that suits you. If everybody took just 1 hour out of their week to help somebody else the world would be a much nicer place.

I always wondered what kind of people go around reading strangers blogs but then I realised its people like me who just find other people interesting. Hopefully I’m not one of the completely uninteresting ones. I keep myself entertained at least!


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