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Pretty much every morning the first thought on my mind is a realisation it’s just one more day without him. Then I take a deep breath, give myself a mental slap and remind myself that everything else is pretty great! Everyone has little things that help them through the day, especially work days! Like a nice cold glass of pepsi, like listening to your favourite songs at high volume and singing at the top of your lungs or dancing if you’re feeling energetic enough. Like being overly nice to one random person a day just to make their day a little brighter 🙂 Like heading onto Facebook to kill some zombies in the latest game somebody has got you hooked on. Like writing a little something everyday. OK enough about me! What keeps you going?

Everytime you have a negative thought, deliberately stop at the very moment you realise you’re doing it and turn your thoughts immediately to something positive and its almost guaranteed to keep you smiling throughout the day. Positive thinking has helped people achieve outstanding things, I’m pretty sure it can help people to become just a little bit happier. I think I have this idea that everyone is miserable because of living in London and well generally everyone looks it! And if I could just get a penny for everytime I heard somebody moan about something that really means F all I would be rich in monetary ways too! Wake up people! Lifes way too short for that!

If all else fails just  


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