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To spell or not to spell?

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I can’t help myself but bad spelling and really poor grammar really bugs me. Is this being pedantic or is it perfectly normal for someone with above average intelligence? Not a brag just a fact. Considering the average IQ is pretty low I don’t think its much of an achievement anyhow! I corrected someone who put mouses in a text instead of mice and the reply I got was “Who cares?” Well actually I care! And while you’re at it speak is spelt EA not EE! Is that the problem? The fact that people just don’t care about speaking or writing properly anymore these days. Especially wen day typ lik dis. That has to be the most irritating thing, especially when they spell a word differently but its not even shorter!! It takes me extra effort to have to translate the darn speak and they saved a few seconds by leaving out a couple of letters. I really don’t see the logic in it. I was just wondering if I was alone in this? Everybody uses slang in informal chat on occasion, I’m sure you will see some examples of this slip through into my blog as I usually write my posts free form. However, by admittedly mostly teenagers, it has been taken to way too much of an extreme lately. And with the excessive use of technology at the moment there really isn’t any excuse to spell things incorrectly when you get an error sign as soon as you do! I understand not everyone gets a kick out of reading or writing but surely these basics should have been learnt in school in the first place.

OK rant over. I hope everyone has a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend! I am off to the country for the weekend and cannot wait for the break from this dirty, dingy city!


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