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How a cup of coffee turns into a new life

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Sat in a coffee shop by Kings Cross Station. Busiest in the city. Eating breakfast and drinking coffee alone I don’t feel self conscious at all. Waiting for my train I’ve got that excited feeling you get when you travel, well not sure everyone gets it but I know I do! In walks a backpacker with a copy of a Hemingway book protruding from it, a cliche? But I think to myself that really could be me. I feel I have the travel bug more than ever lately and I now feel like I have the confidence to do it alone. Finally. I won a mini American west coast trip which I will be heading onto on my own and this will be my little test into how well I can do it with just me, myself and I, despite it only being around 10 days. I have always travelled Stateside alone anyway but its more the whole day to day life that I am interested in. If I do decide it is for me, that gives me a year to be ablet o save up and head to Australia on a working visa which is something I have always wanted to do. 14th November 2012 and I will officially be too old to do it and that gives me a massive goal to achieve but what a feeling that would be if I pull it off! Would probably make the whole experience that much sweeter also.


I am at Kings Cross as I am headed to the countryside this weekend to dog sit for family and I am very much looking forward to the break and the peace. Only 20 minutes out of the city and I already see fields with horses, the train has wifi I just discovered. This is also another little tester for me as I am considering moving up to Yorkshire. Being there alone for the first time I will see what it will really be like for me there if I move as I will be alone most of the time, at least until I am able to meet people and make friends once settled. I find I am so much more relaxed when outside of the city and I feel it would be a much heathier lifestyle change. Obviously its not ideal moving that far away from family and friends but I really do have to think about the incredible benefits I could get from such a move. I have a Country vs City post upcoming to help along my thought process. If it doesn’t work out I could always just come home again, its not like it has to be forever. The move doesn’t even have to be Yorkshire but I feel it would be easier for me to make that move as I do have family there. Ideally I would like to live in Surrey somewhere or even another country, but thats a whole other ball game! However, realistically I would have to move further North as it becomes much more affordable for someone who doesn’t earn a great deal and will most likely be living alone.

While I was sat in the coffee shop I thought to myself I have never felt this truly happy, content and at peace before. It’s such a wonderful feeling. Changing the way I think has completely changed my life. I am happy the majority of the time and I am excited about the future, whatever it may bring! Nothing can bring me down lately, not being screwed at work, not the scumbags that live in my area, not stupid ex-boyfriends. The world is my oyster and I intend to make the most of it!

Right signing out to enjoy the views. If I was “normal” and had a smart phone I could upload a pic but once you’ve seen the British countryside you have probably seen it all!


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