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Dating in the Dark

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I try to stay away from trash TV but this show intrigues me. I like to think that I, among most, choose personality over looks but you do often get people who go on about how great the person is and then at the end of the show when the light goes up on them they grimace and run out the door. I think you have to be somewhat physically attracted to someone to be with them but in the long term if you don’t just love being with the person it will never work. Love really is blind.

I once went on a blind date…literally. The guy was blind and I was fine with it but I found that being so touchy feely on a first date made me very uncomfortable. Its obviously understandable that he wanted to see who he was talking to but that could have waited. I like to get to know someone before getting close. I guess everybody is different and once I am with someone I find it hard to keep my hands of them but it takes time. Perhaps I am overly cautious because I tend to fall hard and I am perhaps less open or comfortable with strangers. I think I just stumbled on something I can work on from now on. I won’t be looking for any long term partners for a long time anyhow. Too much fun fun fun and other stuff to be had!! I’ve totally lost what my point was going to be in this post haha. If you love someone tell them today, tell them often, never let them forget it. Its great to love, feel loved and share love and you never know when you may not get that chance anymore. 


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