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Who do we lie to the most?

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Our partners? Our parents? Our doctors? None of the above. The answer is ourselves. We all do it. From the little lies; “Just one more biscuit won’t make a difference to my diet” to the biggies; “Its her fault I cheated because she constantly nags me.” Weak lies you say? Exactly! However we are constantly making ourselves believe things that aren’t true to make ourselves feel better instead of facing the issue at hand or just accepting things are the way they are and not the way somebody else would like them to be.

When you lie you are usually doing it to cover up something about yourself. When we lie to others it’s not good. It usually leads to pain or distrust, neither of which are good for any relationship, be it priest, mother or lover.

Here’s a quote from one of my favourite shows – House: “Most people edit their memories, they add small little lies so they don’t have to face the truth.”

Try the truth. At first people might not take it well but you will get the respect from the people that matter in the end. You don’t have to try as hard either!

Hadn’t posted in a while, life is super busy atm! Had this drafted from a little while ago so thought I’d just add it as a filler.

Hope everyone is getting out there and living and enjoying themselves!

Peace x


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