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I like to always have a book on the go. Even if it takes me 6 months to read cos I barely get a chance to sit down and tuck into it. I love crime fiction mostly. If anyone wants to recommend me some that would be great! I’m currently reading one of Dean Koontz’s latest books ‘Breathless’. Usually I love his books but this one is very different to his usual style and I’m finding it a little difficult to get into. Nevertheless I really loved this one passage in it and wanted to share…

“Sharing didn’t have to involve complete revelation. In fact, the more you shared about your past, the less people saw you for who you were in the now, the more they saw you as who you had been and who you had struggled so long not to be.

Neither words nor time healed anyone. Only living healed, if it healed at all, living as you were meant to live, as best you could with your learned habits and confused intentions, living through time and finally beyond time, where neither therapists nor surgeons were any longer needed to smooth away the pain or cut it out.”

Thought provoking for me. Is it true that people see us for who we were rather than who we are once they find out more about us, in particular our past? I think it is true of some but perhaps not those who rightly do not hold much weight to what happened in the past and concentrate on the here and now.

Is it true that talking through things or just the passing of time never heals someone? I have often been told that all I need to do to get rid of the pain is just give it time. Time hasn’t seemed to help so far but living and doing things for myself and others have done so a little and hopefully will continue to.



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