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“How do you spell love? You don’t. You feel it.”- Winnie the Pooh

My family and friends are the most important thing in my life and it bothers me that I have lost some good ones but I guess I have to wait and see if they return, despite the fact that I think any time away from these people is time wasted. It is important that you live your life not caring what others think but u obviously care what ur loved ones think. However if they cant accept you at your worst than I guess they were never in it for the long haul.

Life is too short is probably something I say too much but something that is so very true and most don’t realise until its too late. Love is the most important thing in your life. It keeps you happy and promotes good behaviour. When you are nice to people, especially those you don’t know it works like a domino effect. Its healthy. I think city life is tough because not only do you have to put up with a dirty environment and filthy air but also closed off suspicious people constantly and you cant help let it affect you sometimes. In particular when you are wronged eg. Robbed by someone you just want them to hurt like you have but although it may be harder it is much healthier to take the higher ground. I think mental health is directly linked to physical health and I have witnessed this in myself in the past. I have a good heart and like to surround myself with people who have the same and to show people love is to create a healthy atmosphere for yourself and everyone around you. I think this was awesomely displayed in Patch Adams. If you haven’t seen it you must watch it! Robin Williams is one of my favourite actors. Anyway I digress…

I wear my heart on my sleeve. If you are open minded, decent, upfront and honest I think people respond to that and even people who dislike you could never fail to respect you. Following your heart is the way to happiness and despite recent failures I am not giving up. Everyone is special to someone even if you don’t know it. Here lies the problem, so many people don’t tell their loved ones that they are loved enough! I have stopped wishing I was special to the wrong people and learned to appreciate the people around me so much more. I seem to be able to offer great advice to others and help them so much to get what they want but when it comes to myself I can never seem to do anything right. My twitter imo can be quite emo-esque at times but I started it as purely an outlet for my misery as I didn’t want to burden my mates with it all and the person that caused it had no interest in trying to talk it out. Didn’t talk about anything in fact. It is very tough to love someone who is incapable of communicating and even tougher to move on when you don’t even really know what happened because you have zero insight into how that person felt or thought about the whole thing. I wouldn’t advise anyone to enter into a partnership with someone who is shut off unless you are incredibly strong or just don’t care about them enough to let it bother you. The feeling of being in love is the best in the world. When you’re with that person who means the world to you, who you want to share absolutely everything with, where you get this sense of urgency like there will never be enough time together because you want to do so much. That person you feel like you cant live without and when you’re with them its like nobody even exists around you. Living without the one you love is so tough especially when theyre still out there, possibly even with someone else. He doesnt want me around so I have respected that and have left him alone despite it killing me inside. A lot of guys think he is mad and I wish I could fall in love with one of these, someone who loves me just for being me. I have to agree he gave up the best thing he will ever have. Just a part of life. I have to believe if I did it once I can do it again but the hopeless romantic inside me thinks maybe there is only one person for you. If that person leaves then surely they weren’t the right one. As they say if you love something set it free. I have always lived my life with no regrets and as much as I want to regret the whole thing I never did anything wrong and my feelings were real. Karma will do the rest. It took me a long time to find that person and it was not easy for me to completely give myself away and I was more than happy to spend the rest of my life with him. Hence the devastation. Losing that love means I will never be the same again but I believe everything happens for a reason. I went through all that, like many others do, for a reason that is not yet clear to me but I’m sure will be someday.

There will always be people trying to drag you down because they see how great you are. The hardest part is to not let them. Turn the other cheek so to speak. You would be surprised the strength you find in yourself when you need it the most. I am so tired of people taking advantage of others and am no longer going to stand for it. Stand up and fight or lay down and die. Offer love to everyone you meet, its the pretend love that causes pain. Far too many people say it when they dont mean it, next time you say it think twice and make sure it’s true. More importantly start saying it to the people that matter, if you don’t already. The most important thing you can do is give your time to your loved ones. When they are gone you will be left with great memories as opposed to wishing you had spent more time with them. It’s very sad that it often takes illness or death for people to realise how important others are to them. This is a trend we should most definitely try to change. I dont wish to sound preachy, I just think that warm fuzzy feeling inside is something we should all have as much as we can. Hugs! Hugs are awesome and we are told also make us feel better. So hug lots! If you ever see me around feel free to give me a big hug 🙂

Fun facts: A shrimp’s heart is in its head. Perhaps we could work better if we could find a medium between the two things head and heart. A penguin mates for life…isn’t that a nice but sadly old-fashioned idea.

I love you guys!!! xxxxxx

Lets end with a song 🙂


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