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The World is your oyster

I love going on holidays. Who doesn’t? I love more seeing new places and experiencing new things and meeting new people along the way. That’s a lot of newness! Anyway I thought I would share with you the top 5 places I would like to visit and I will visit at some point in my life. Some I would imagine a lot sooner than others.

#1 Jade Mountain This resort costs a small fortune but it truly does look like paradise and includes all the activities you would love to do in the Caribbean. Am waiting on my lottery win for this one but I just know I will get there someday. Just wow….

#2 African Safari Probably Kenya. I love nature and animals, have done since I was a child. To see a number of them in the Wilds of Africa would just be astounding to me. I don’t think anything else needs to be said on that one really!

#3 Australia/New Zealand Cheating a bit putting them both as one but I don’t see how you can travel that far and not see both. Thailand isn’t too far off either…. Obviously the Sydney Opera House and Bondi beach are popular but I think I would prefer the lesser known beaches and am more interested in the bush and Aborginal side of the country. Ayrs Rock clearly a must. The scenery in New Zealand just looks spectacular. One thing I want to do in New Zealand is bunjee jump off one of the bridges.

#4 South America I would love to do a tour of this area but a lot of it is quite dangerous and I definitely don’t have the courage to do this one alone. Highlights of this kind of tour would probably be trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, salsa dancing in Cuba, Angel Falls, eating in a fabulous restaurant in Mexico (my favourite cuisine!), the rainforests of Ecuador, horse riding, swimming with sharks, partying in Rio. The list is endless! What an amazing part of the world!

#5 China This last one I found a tough decision. There are obviously a million other places in the world I want to see. Eastern Europe being another close to the top of the list. Prague, Red Sqaure etc are of course must sees but I think the Great Wall and just the general culture in China trumped the others only slightly. I love the styles in Chinese architecture and often furnishings etc but I think they do very much overdo it with the gold sometimes! I recently decorated my room in a Chinese theme I must post pics at some point. I want to hug a panda too!


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