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I tried to quit my job over a week ago, failed miserably but probably made the right choice. Anyway, ever since all the woman has done is criticise me. I think it’s because she took it personally as, wel,l it seems the company is basically her life. Quite a sad realisation but not my place to help her to see the light! We were averaging sales of about 60 quid a day then. Its picked up a fair amount since and yesterday my colleague made almost £300 and today I get a call from the “boss” to try and beat that figure. On a Sunday hahaha I get five customers on a Sunday if I’m lucky! Mind-numbing stuff…hence the reason I tried to quit. I refuse to force people to buy things they probably don’t need or want that much. Perhaps I’m in the wrong job. A lot of the time it just leads to people bringing stuff back which is a nightmare to do on the throwback tills. The place is like the store out of ‘Are You Being Served?’ They’re so old-fashioned they have a switchboard to make calls. I must admit it has been quite the experience and I don’t hate working there, the staff are friendly but when I’m there I just think about all the much more productive things I could be doing in those 7-10 hours. I pretty much get paid to stand around and do naff all, which in theory sounds great but I can’t stand it. My body or my brain has to be active while I’m working. I’ve taken to bringing books in. I’m researching for my near future property letting endeavours. I have also been using the time to write my blogs, by hand, to update because I don’t get the time anymore and I really want to update regularly!

For this job I was first interviewed by a Welsh lady who was helping out in the place for a week and she kept telling me how she loved the place and really didn’t want to leave. Wow Wales must be a pretty dull place! I love the accent though. A Welsh person asking you for a cuddle has to be one of the cutest things I have ever heard. No, it wasn’t from my original interviewer that I heard that from. Anyway, thankfully this job will be over and done with by the end of the month. By December I will most likely be closer to reverting back to a lady of leisure. I think its unlikely I will find other jobs before the New Year. The one thing I do love about the job though is that I get to dress up and look nice and can head straight out after work. At least gives me the opportunity to keep up with my social life as well as all the work I have been doing.


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