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Do you think the closer you get to someone else the more you realise how much you miss the other person? Or do you just miss certain aspects of that relationship? Or is that just rationalising because it’s pointless to miss that other person?

Rough day today. Hardly any sleep. Choked down breakfast that I had to get on the way to work as we had no food at home. Dropped a £5 bag of 10ps and banged my head on the sharp end of the till while trying to pick them up. Get a call from the “boss” saying there’s an unexpected delivery which I have to deal with on my own and it’s not even 11am at this point. I’ve still not had a chance to get over my cold yet. The store plays all these sad love songs all day. I’m possibly breaking someones heart. He was told the deal going in though, I guess I just can’t help being so loveable 😀 Listening to those songs for 9 hours straight will probably do funny things to your head. I’ve done really well in moving on, I don’t want to start sliding backwards. I’m getting stronger and more confident everyday. Thankfully only 2 weeks of this torture left! It’s a good job I’m perfectly comfortable in my own company with my own thoughts, of which I probably have too many. Probably most prominent at the moment other than work stuff is where I’m going to move to. I keep widening the choices and it’s making it a more difficult decision. Work is sucking up my adventure time at the moment but that will be changing again soon. I suppose having 3/4 jobs at the same time would do that! Needs must.

I had a lovely customer today with what I like to call an incredi-story. Probably easy to work out that means an incredible story or generally one just inspiring. She told me how she was born during the War at only 3 pounds and she’s already made it into her 70s and looked fit as a fiddle to me! It’s good to hear things like that, makes you think about the great things that can happen. Miracles perhaps too strong a word but they do happen!

This was the killer song today:


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