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Those who have read my whole blog will know I ended up with 2 holidays this year when I thought I wasn’t going to get any. Love when life deals you those hands 😀 Well the first was a long weekend in Killarney fraternising with the poker world.

A couple of years ago I never would have gone on a trip pretty much alone with a bunch of people I barely know, well knew as this case may now be. However I’m taking this adventure being the name of the game thing very seriously! It’s been fan-bloody-tastic so far. In a nutshell it was a weekend of too much booze and not enough of the basic needs such as food, sleep and water. Was it worth it? Totally!

I know quite a few people who go to these events and they feel like one big fucked up family to me. It’s nice to see so many genuine and kind people in one place. It was quite nice to walk around the building on my own and bump into people and have a chat all over the place. Someone kindly drove me to the airport, someone kindly oragnised a taxi for us all from the airport, someone kindly let me stay in their room for free, so many kindly bought me drinks, so many kindly offered up spare beds in their rooms, a lovely bunch let me join them for dinner in the posh Brehon on the first day (the food was delicious!), someone kindly saved me from a pest, someone kindly bought me into a sng.

Poker-wise I probably should have played more or an official event at least to build up my confidence. However in theory I ended up plus in poker as I only played one sng with the boys on the first day and won it 😀 I’m not sure I have the patience for live poker but I will give it a go sometime in the future. I wasn’t really in a sober enough to state to play over the weekend to be fair.

One of the things that struck me driving from the airport to the hotel was the beautiful scenery. We had a lovely view of the misty hills from the hotel. It was cold, grey and wet all weekend while back home they were enjoying a heatwave and I see all my mates having BBQs. The weather didn’t really matter too much though because we pretty much never left the hotel. I do regret not going into town as it looked really nice. Hopefully I will get another chance, though it’s debateable as to whether there will be another one. If there isn’t I’m glad I got to experience it at least once!

The biggest downside was the price of everything. I was lucky enough to not have to buy many drinks, which were extortionate, but dinner was always between 10 and 20 quid for the likes of burgers and things. Even the McDonalds cost me 8 quid and it was truly horrible.

Irish folk are lovely! The lady I was staying with had a bunch of people stay over. Mad as hatters the lot of them but lovely people and you could never fail to have a great time with them. The only problem I had with them is they all smoked like chimneys, almost killed me being in the room with them. The hotel was supposedly non-smoking. Pah! Getting a contact buzz off the other stuff was nothing to complain about though 😉

While sat in the lobby I had a lovely chat with an 80 year old Irish lady. It’s so nice to just be around people who are friendly and open and can chat to randoms without a problem. Something you very rarely get in London and something that definitely sways me to move away from it.

I have already started the warm up for the Christmas party with this lot in December as I could in no way keep up and don’t really handle my alcohol well anymore.

I slept at the most random times. Never knew what time or even day it was but I absolutely loved every minute of it. So much fun was had I wouldn’t even know where to start! Coming back to reality really sucked but a trip like that will keep me going for a long time yet. Can’t wait for the next KK adventure!


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