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One door closes, another opens

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I have taken a job doing electoral canvassing for a few weeks to earn a little extra pocket money. It’s been great so far, averaging £15 an hour. I’m also really enjoying it. I have always been interested in people and how they react and interact with things. Going door to door you never know who’s going to open it or how they’re going to react to you. It varies from people immediately brushing you off before they even know what you want to people inviting you in their homes, offering you refreshments, a seat or even some helpful advice! I love it!

Not only am I getting quick cash but it could lead to future temp work. I see it as getting paid to exercise and it’s also improving my confidence and communication skills. I just wish it had come at a time when I could spare a few more hours for it. I am pretty much working 6/7 days a week this month. I love keeping busy but sometimes I need a bit of me time. The only frustrating thing about the job is people not coming to the door when you know they are home. Kids hanging out the window is a big giveaway people! I will only have to bother you again another time just open the freaking door!

My brother’s girlfried is heading off to Florida tomorrow to work at Disney for a year. I’m hoping all this extra moolah will enable me to go visit her next year. I want to do Universal! I also would like to yacht around the Florida Keys but that might be pushing it a bit.  Of course all this hard work will let me thoroughly enjoy my treat in L.A. next month. Even though I have people who spoil me on my birthday, last year was a rough one and this year I am spoiling myself to make up for it! 😀


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