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Shot through the heart

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..and you’re to blame. You give love a bad name. The legend that is Bon Jovi.

I’m beginning to think love is something that humanity made up, just like The Bible and all that other religious tripe. It’s comforting in a cruel world where all we end up with is nothing but death. The End.

I think we choose someone who fits nicely into our view of what we want or what we think we want and there begins the journey in our imaginations which ultimately leads to us convincing ourselves we are truly in love and have found ‘the one’. That person who we are supposed to live happily ever after with then goes on to rip our hearts out. What makes people believe after that? I’m at a loss. I’m sure there are a ton of reasons and this is a complex subject. I can understand not wanting to be alone forever but how do you just be with someone knowing it’s not right for the sake of not being alone? I’ve tried and I find it more of a hindrance than a comfort. Perhaps that’s just me. Having been on the heartbroken side of things I was convinced, even a long time after it ended, that love existed and I was more than sure I’d found the one. However, having also been on the other side it makes me realise it’s just rubbish. Why would we love someone who didn’t love us back? Or maybe people settle for just beind cared for.

Maybe the answers are all right here:

Let me just say when I say love in the above I mean romantic love, true love, the supposed real deal that is constantly thrust in our faces through every media outlet. There have been many arguments that the media has completely warped our perceptions of love. Well that’s probably true, it has been capable of warping our perceptions of everything else.

I am all about love in the more real sense of the word. Enjoy life, everything about it. Love everything and everyone around you and you can’t fail to be happy. Free love. Call me a hippy if you like but I’m happy. How many people can say that they are genuinely happy? But you can take your false romance and your St. Valentine and stick it up your butt! Damn these endless love songs. Thankfully this was my last 10 hour day. They do play the odd Josh Groban song though. I love love love him and his voice is amazing ahhhh.

I went out with a bang at work. I broke the sales record for the store so far. Yup I’m that good. Make sure they know what they’re losing 😉

Todays killer track:


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