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Have had a pretty good day today other than a harrassing lunch because they had bloody crap Factor on the TV. Was my last day of endless torturous love songs and standing around doing eff all. The killer song today was Wicked Game Started me off thinking about him (I can’t even say his name anymore) then this song pretty much made me start crying…  Though this song made me feel a little more than love songs do these days…As we all know romantic love is made up tosh!  😉 I am feeling really good lately and really feel pumped to help people and just generally be nice to everyone! I even gave half my lunch to a homeless guy today as I had no cash.

Another great thing about today. While trying on clothes I discovered I’ve gone down a size! 😀 Always good news especially for a lady. I’m thinking it must be the walking so I am going to get myself a routine of walking in the evenings. Note to self: Put loads of great tracks or even a book or two on the Ipod. Now that I’m down to just 2 jobs again I can go back to doing the things I love like cooking, swimming and pick up where I left off with learning French. I am also looking into doing an evening class. I can devote a bit more time to the charity as lots of positive things are happening at the moment. I will soon be in charge of letting out our property and will finally be starting my volunteering at Age Concern also. Have I ever mentioned how fricking good life is? 🙂 Go forth and emanate love wherever you aaaaarrrrrrreeee


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