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and I just can’t hide it!!!!!!! 😀 I have just finished getting everything sorted (bar packing) for my trip Stateside and it’s got me all hyped up and ready to go already!! I am going to share my itinerary to show what an amazing 2 weeks I shall be having. Possibly stalker heaven. When you’re sat at your computer you can come back and look to see where on the West Coast I might be that day 😛 Although the main part of the trip is free I have still spent quite a bit more than I was hoping to but seeing the world is the one thing I don’t mind splashing out on because it’s ALWAYS worth it, especially when I get to see somewhere I’ve never been before. Going on my own is also making me look forward to it even more as it gives me a much better opportunity to meet new people and mingle more with local folk. San Francisco is somewhere I’ve always been a little scared to visit as I feel like I won’t want to come home but I was offered it on a plate and NO WAY I could turn it down! I’m adding photos just to make you that little bit more green 😉 I also want to see how the planned trip blog compares to the post trip blog…

18th November: Depart from London at 11.25am. Arrive in Los Angeles at 3.05pm. Head to The Grafton Sunset hotel and settle into my luxurious poolside King room. The room being a treat to myself for my birthday as I won’t be celebrating this side of the world and I had a really crappy one last year due to that horrid disease we call emotions. Will most likely get dressed up and go explore the area of West Hollywood. Pick a cool looking bar have a few drinks and some dinner and see where the night takes me.

19th November: I have booked myself a day trip so that I can fit everything in while I’m local and have no chance of getting lost! Will be seeing all the typical sites including the Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive & Venice Beach.

20th November: My last night in L.A. I have to head to the meeting point hotel for my free trip. Hopefully I can bump into some of the other eager travellers and get acquainted before setting off early the next morning. Will try to fit more of the city in too. Think a hike up to the Hollywood sign might be in order.

21st November: I get to meet the group and I assume our driver/tour guide for the week. First stop on the drive towards the Grand Canyon is Joshua Tree National Park. Even though Vegas is part of this week long trip I am so going to enjoy the nature-y stuff on the way so much more. It’s just more what I am interested in. Peaceful natural surroundings. The quiet life. Though as most probably know I do like a bit of a gamble but not usually in the seedy environment in which it generally comes in. I mean seriously look at that picture >>>  How could you not just be amazed and inspired by that?!

22nd November: We head down to the Grand Canyon. Something I have always wanted to see. I really want to try and budget in the helicopter ride here. Perhaps a bungee jump too? How incredible would that be! Although my top spot for doing a bungee jump has always been off a bridge in New Zealand…which I haven’t done yet. I haven’t been there yet though I can tell you it is definitely in my near-ish future! We will be staying in a cabin for the night which will be quite the spooky experience I would imagine out in the desert!

23rd November: We arrive in Viva Las Vegas! I think I am more interested in seeing all the sites, the crazy nutball hotels etc. than gambling. I also want to do that ride on the roof of the Stratosphere hotel. That is a MUST! Looks well trippy! I have a mate who has just moved to Vegas so I will probably have a break from my trip folk and hang with him and his mates. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas I hear!

24th November: Still in Vegas probably with a sore head and little sleep. The whole day to see the rest of the city and no doubt take advantage of an all you can eat buffet. Fitting in a show or something would be very cool.

25th November: Leaving Vegas and heading to Death Valley. Not sure there is too much to see here but it will definitely be an awesomely scenic drive. Let’s hope I get to see the sun go down over it like so…

26th November: On to Yosemite National Park. Fitting everything in seems like it’s going to be quite a mission! Oh boy I can’t wait to see this waterfall! I have a feeling this trip is going to be chock full of breathtaking moments. Haven’t had that feeling since I fell in love.

27th November: The free trip is pretty much over. I can see a lot of reflecting as we watch the beautiful scenes fly by the window driving towards San Francisco. Once dropped off I will be heading to my hotel for the next few days. While looking into it I found some articles about how it is possibly haunted. Eek! It is full of antiques and character and looks so beautiful inside (in the pictures) I suppose it’s possible 😉 Hopefully my room is ectoplasm free though, as I will probably have to catch up on some much needed sleep the first night.

Queen Anne Hotel haunted?

28th November: I will most likely spend the morning exploring downtown San Francisco and heading to the Piers. I will then be taking the late trip to Alcatraz…just to add more spookiness to my trip, as if Queen Anne herself watching me sleep isn’t enough! It will be dark and although in a group I will technically be by myself. Ooooooooooo can’t wait! After that I will probably find a nice Mexcian restaurant and then perhaps a light hearted movie or show to help me sleep nightmare-free.

29th November: I booked another day trip to Monterey and Carmel which includes the 17 mile drive & entry to the aquarium. LOVE aquariums and the Yanks really know how to make em! In fact all the trips in the country seem to be such great value for what you get and what you see I wish I could stay for a lot lot longer! Cannery Row looks quaint and historical. Admittedly I haven’t researched much about this one but it’s linked to Steinbeck, one of the greatest American writers so I know I won’t be disappointed!

30th November: I booked another day trip as I feel it’s the easiest way as a lone traveller who cannot drive plus they’re such great value. A trip to California would not be complete without a visit to wine country. Lots of free tasters in a few different wineries along the way in Sanoma can’t be bad. Sadly I don’t have enough time to squeeze in Napa Valley too. Also included in this trip is Muir woods where you can find a spectacular redwood sequoia forest. Some of the oldest and tallest trees on earth…more wondrous nature! I get dropped off in Sausalito, which I am told in good confidence is a place I must go! I will find a beautiful waterfront restaurant and then get the ferry back to San Francisco on sadly my last day before I head home. I can already anticipate just the smell of the fresh air and the feeling of satisfaction and contentment I will have while I’m there.

1st December: A nice relaxing morning remains in the city before I have to head to the airport and hop on a plane. The red-eye. My favourite type of flight to arrive back in England the next morning.

Well if that doesn’t sound amazing you’re strange! 12 days and counting…


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  1. you will love the bay area! i love my home 🙂 the piers are quite touristy…just a warning…spend time at Crissy fields, the palace of fine arts, or take bart across the bridge to wander around Berkeley for a while! much more fun and local. wine country is amazing and the muir woods are a must. don’t know how i stumbled on your blog but happy travels!

    • My first un-spam like comment! Welcome 🙂 Thankyou so much for the info! It is much better to hear the places to go from a local. This part is the bit I’m most looking forward to and I probably won’t want to leave! Thanks again!


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