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I recently had a tattoo done. My second, but a completely different experience to the first one I got when I was living Stateside. The first was only small, took about 10 minutes and I was pretty much an alcoholic at the time so don’t remember much about it. However I do remember loving it and getting the feeling of wanting another one right after. I can’t fathom out why but getting it done is so addictive! It may sound crazy but it was such an enjoyable experience, you even sort of connect with the tattoo artist. Mine this time around was awesome and apparently used to go to my school. He somehow remembered me despite only starting school when I would have been in Sixth Form already. I guess I always made an impression on the younger guys 😉 I feel maybe the connection is there because a tattoo is such a personal thing for somebody that you are kind of letting them in on it. People will always ask you about a tattoo when they see it on you but they will never really truly understand the meaning behind it. This second tattoo is a lot bigger and made me hesitate a fair bit before getting it as it’s visible and despite tattoos being a lot more common lately there are still a lot of people that may frown upon it or treat a person differently because of it or deny them opportunities, especially with regard to employment.

Does this turn you on?

As you may or may not know I find people and their behaviour increbidly interesting. I have been watching a fair bit of Miami and L.A. ink lately and they often show the reasons behind people’s tattoos and I feel like a big chunk of people do it due to some kind of emotional trauma. I know personally I did the exact same thing. I never really understood why people completely covered themselves in them though. Perhaps it is purely the addiction. I look at my new one now and I do think to myself it looks a little lonely and might need more surrounding it. I guess once you have got to a certain point it doesn’t really matter how many more you get. I have a little trouble figuring out why people get things like snakes coming out of skulls or similar but it is an art and most of them look so incredible! While waiting for the guy to put the finishing touches to my design me and my mate had a debate about the use of words in tattoos. I feel like as an art the pictures should say what it is you want to say, however having a few with sayings or words on herself she obviously disagrees. If only I had readers then perhaps I could get their thoughts on the subject…


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