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The trip in reality – L.A.

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OK so in relation to the post about my future trip to the States. I will now briefly (well I will try!) post about what really went down. I say I will try as so much happened in those 2 weeks it may be difficult to pick and choose what to add. It was also so incredible that I probably desire to tell you every little detail but I will try not to!

18th November: Very unexciting. The hotel was luussssh but I was so knackered after the travelling and the switching time zones that by the time I got there I ordered room service, took a shower and went to sleep so I could be ready to face the city early the next day. Though the guy who cooked and delivered my food I was unaware I would be drinking with the next day…The food was incredible too! OMG!

              19th November: So the day trip I booked fell through. I was thinking great start to the trip but it actually worked out well! I got a refund and the hop on hop off bus I chose to do instead worked out cheaper. So I’m all alone in L.A. not knowing where to go so I get my friend at the hotel to drop me off on Hollywood Boulevard, home of the stars on the floor and the Kodak Theatre. The Kodak Theatre is just full of shops and I dont understand the touristy attraction, though it is a nice building. After booking my bus ticket and asking the lady where I can grab brekkie I get on the bus and as its quite a nice day head to Santa Monica. Original home of Baywatch. I was lucky enough to see a woman in red save a life…of a bird. Wow the beach is beautiful!  Checked out the pier then walked down the beach the couple miles to Venice Beach. I think the best way to describe this place is the American Camden but on the beach. They have a Medical Marijuana Assessment Centre right on the main street and walking down you get whiffs of it constantly. Cool place full of interesting characters. Bought myself an ice cream…that kept melting it was so hot and walked back down along the beach to my bus stop. Couldn’t believe my luck, gorgeous day and I’m standing on one of the nicest beaches I’ve been to, was feeling really good!! So waiting at the bus stop this guy comes up and starts chatting to me, he manages to persuade me to go to the best pizza place in LA and buys me pizza and Californian wine. The pizza was good and the one I already know from experience is fab! So the adventure begins. Turns out this guy is quite the man about town, or so he said. To save me explaining here’s a link Ambassador Well long story short while I was thinking this is a nice guy trying to make my holiday enjoyable, telling me stories of celebs etc in fact he was just leading up to trying it on. So off I run, after missing my bus back to LA, stranded. I walk into this restaurant with one lonely customer and ask him the best way to get back to LA. A cab! OK! No cab number great! So I sit and chat with this guy for a while and we end up going to a bar with some weirdly dressed yuppy types but I finally get a couple of Crown Royals down me. Bliss 🙂 So 24 hours in LA and already made 2 new friends. Nice guy, his kid is gonna be a famous sports star soon, will be interesting to look out for him. Eventually I get a taxi and head back to the hotel but its been an interesting day so I’m not ready to sleep just yet…plus I’m LA right! So I go sit at my hotel bar and chat to the kids working behind it for a bit then the guy from last night comes out. Gives me a free shot of top shelf tequila, 30 bucks a shot! Never thought tequila could actually taste nice! Then he grabs a bottle of wine and we end up sat drinking by the pool for hours. Bought me food, I broke a glass oops…by this time I’m well drunk! Really nice guy from Argentina, leaves around 3am, true gent. Great first day in LA!

20th November: Get up at 7am. Yes you read that right, just 4 hours after crashing! I refuse to waste my last day in LA, I’m loving this place. Open my door and the weathers not too bad so I get in the pool and the staff are just arriving for work and saying hello and looking like theyre not used to seeing people in the pool so early or perhaps just in the winter. Well if there’s ever a way to avoid getting a hangover this is it! I love swimming but the warm water and the cool air made me feel awesome! I can’t wait until I have my own outdoor pool 😉 Once I’m showered and dressed however it’s started pissing it down and it carries on all day. After wandering up and down the Boulevard for a bit in the rain.  Saw a Zoltar machine!! Thought it was awesome and something special until I started seeing them all over. Chatted to a comedian who thought I was nuts. I was wandering up and down looking for this…  Robin Williams is my fave! I decide to get on the bus thats heading downtown. Can’t see anything through the windows and the bus is open top so its leaking all over the place, I’m drenched and shivering by the time we get back round to the Blvd. This still didnt get me down and so while walking off the bus I get chatting to friend number 4 in less than 48 hours. We find a diner and he buys me lunch and we get to warm up with a hot chocolate! Lovely Korean businessman who sadly I had to leave behind as I had to leave my lush hotel and head to the next to meet my fellow travellers for the next week. The hotel staff are useless and get my roommate wrong but it all worked out OK in the end.  Already I am discovering the million reasons travelling alone is better than travelling with a friend. You are open to so many more possibilities and meet so many more new people and can do and see what you like when you like. One adventure ends and one sleep away from the next…

OK so I’m figuring if I carry on this post is gonna be stupidly long so I’m gonna break it up into bitesize chunks.  One thing I did find quite amusing about the people of L.A. is that they’re all famous, or wannabe famous, or have some kind of undiscovered talent…that idea is not just a cliche it’s actually true! So if you aspire to be famous perhaps L.A. is the place for you, full of kindred spirits, or perhaps not. Thinking I wouldn’t like L.A. assuming it would be all bright lights and fakeness I only gave myself 2 days here but kicking myself because I actually loved it there!  I will go back someday. I actually understand this song a little more now…


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