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All Year Resolutions

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So I notice quite a few people posting their New Year’s Resolutions. To most I say why bother? You usually don’t keep them which will probably make you feel lousy for no reason. If you want to make a change you can do it at any time of the year! Ok the prospect of a new year and a new start is somewhat hopeful however realistically not much is going to change just because it’s a New Year. I’m thinking this is coming off a little Scrooge-like but I don’t mean it to be. My point is if you wish to make a change just do it, don’t wait, start today! So the following aren’t my New Year’s Resolutions they are my All Year Resolutions, which I have already started…

1. Be happy! The most important in my opinion. No matter what life throws at you enjoy it! Obviously there are extreme situations which we dont find enjoyable like losing a loved one but for everything else life is about the journey not the destination because well the destination ultimately is death so why be in such a rush to get there!

2. Appreciate! Learn to appreciate everything you have. Despite what you may think there are many people in your life who love you! Friends, family, workmates and for those lucky ones that special someone. When people know they are appreciated they stick around for the long haul and everybody needs those people in their lives to make it that much better. Without love we don’t have much. There are some amazing places in the world but they don’t compare to the people that touch our lives and at the end these are the ones we will be with or thinking about. Don’t just love your nearest and dearest, love everyone! You would be surprised how being nice to everyone you meet changes things.

3. Live honest! Say what you feel (which can be an art form as if it’s negative you have to learn how to say things without being mean) do what you like (within reason, obviously don’t kill people!) and let everyone see the real you. Be proud of who you are and show that in everything you do. If people treat you wrongly it is a problem they have to suffer with and you should never let anybody else bring you down. Confidence is a big part of this and just doing a little everyday can increase this and eventually you won’t even know how you became so self-assured.

4. Volunteer! I do two volunteer jobs at the moment and it really does make you feel good but don’t just do it for that reason, do it because you care! It opens up a whole new world and way of thinking to most. Obvious other benefits being meeting new, and sometimes incredible, people and if you are that way inclined it looks good on your CV. I think everyone should do this at some point in their life. Saying you don’t have time is a cop-out, EVERYONE can spare an hour a week! Working with disadvantaged people in particular makes you realise how great your life is and wonder why you’re wasting it away trying to impress people, make more money, worrying about the little things.

5. Be healthy! Having a healthy body is obviously important but having a healthy mind is ever more so and a healthy mind often leads to a healthier body naturally. If you are happy and comfortable with who you are, you tend to stress out less which is much healthier for the mind and the body. There are a number of ways to stay mentally healthy and I’m sure you can research this yourself and find your own way to stay grounded. Always being honest definitely helps this process. Do try not to eat too much junk food and add a little fruit and veg into your diet too! I also believe that everybody should do at least one physical activity as a hobby though. There is nobody out there who doesn’t enjoy at least one thing! Be it dancing, a sport, running, aerobics or for the strange ones the gym. Swimming and cycling come top of my list. Dancing in a night club after 5 pints and 4 Jagerbombs doesn’t count! 😉 I also like to learn new things constantly. Again there are a number of ways to do this on a daily basis such as at work, by watching or listening to a quiz, by reading, watching TV (not all shows obviously but even The Simpsons has it’s moments) even just talking to people, often older people, often people you don’t even know, you would be surprised by what some people can tell you and so the list goes on!

Personally I have made a lot of changes recently. I used to struggle to find the positive but now it’s clear as day and what immediately comes to mind. I used to think I needed more to be happy but I was wrong. I may not live up to society’s standards but I am happy with who I am and that’s all that matters. I enjoy life…what else is it for? I have learned to accept that sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want it to and feel like it really should. Change is inevitable embrace it! Confidence is also something I have been working on and most wouldn’t even believe how much I used to struggle with this. Start sticking up for yourself! It’s important and will make you feel good and make you see that anything really is possible.

Be proactive! Change the way you look at life and it will transform right before your eyes! I wish you all the best of luck. I hope all your dreams come true and enjoy the holiday season!! Love u all xxxxxxx


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