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It’s Christmas!! So I’m gonna share with you my loves and hates of this joyous season. Starting with the hates because I always like a happy ending 🙂 

Reasons Christmas sometimes gets me down…

– Shops start way too early!! If everything was crammed into December or late November at a push I think people would enjoy it a lot more! Also rude people while you are out shopping. If you don’t like crowds do your shopping early!!! This is the time of year when people should be nice and good to eachother.

– I always really miss my loved ones who are not around anymore. It is definitely the time when I am most reminded of these people. My amazing father & my grandparents especially. Sometimes old friends and the love of my life come to mind too. However, when I remember these people it’s mostly happy memories which can always make me smile.

-Germs. This time of year is notorious for people getting ill. Usually its generally a cold or flu but this year sadly I have managed to pick up a chest infection. This won’t stop be enjoying today or my dinner either though! Lately nothing has been able to bring me down and it’s incredible.

The reasons I love Christmas and why I would probably miss it…

-Christmas dinner. Who doesn’t love a blooming great roast dinner?!? Turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, veg, gravy and all the trimmings mmmmmmmm.

 – The mountains of classic movies they show on TV. Sat here watching Miracle on 34th Street. Singing in the Rain is another one they usually show which I love. Lots of feel good movies, you can’t beat em.

– Decorations. I love when people go all out for Christmas, though not over the top that often looks tacky. I love trees and decorations and even the lame jokes and pressies in Christmas Crackers. During the Christmas period most places can be made to look pretty or magical and if we’re lucky enough to get snow that can make it extra special!

-Parties. I’m not really a fan of house parties but going out on Christmas Eve is usually a night where the atmosphere is different to a normal night out. People seem much more open to sharing a good time together and it’s a great atmosphere to be in.

– Time off work to spend quality time with family. I love how at Christmas families always come together and just enjoy being there together. Often in everyday life this doesn’t happen, although I am proud to say my family is always there for me and we often get quality time but there will be a time in the near future when I won’t be around them anymore and Christmas will probably be even more important to me then. I always loved the idea of having a big family and I’m hoping that someday that’s exactly what I will have. 

– The magic feeling you get around Christmas. It always gives me hope and makes me feel warm inside. This is my main reason for loving Christmas, it’s a feel good time of year and full of love! It’s all about the love.

Have a great Christmas everyone!!! xxxxx


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