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Let’s improve things a little at a time!

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I found a post I drafted a while back and thought it was worth posting…

Mary Portas is right we need to stop putting up with terrible service in this country. Companies will keep getting away with things unless we learn to stand up to them. We have been without internet for a week because BT have a call service full of incompetent nitwits in I am guessing India. We had a problem with our landline. That was fixed 5 minutes after we called them Ok fair enough well done. 2 days later we get a note through the door saying an engineer who didn’t even knock on the door tried to visit us to fix our landline and mysteriously our broadband went down. After 3 or 4 days of calls to script reading monkeys who cant understand the problem we are having we ask for a manager who just forwards the issue to apparently the right department who is calling us back within 24 hours. Gee thanks another day without a service that we are paying for! We were up at 8am waiting for an engineer until 1pm that was never actually coming. Pure joke. At the end of every phone call you get “thankyou for using BT, were u happy with how I dealt with your problem?” ha u gotta be kidding! One woman didn’t even bother to ask just hung up because she clearly could not deal with anything. BT no longer have a monopoly over the telecommunications market and seriously need to pull their socks up. We have already called Virgin to set up broadband and despite a wait we were given a great deal and everything went smoothly. I dont like ranting all the time but the best way to spread the message of bad service is through word of mouth. The amount of people you hear say these days “Oh dont use (insert thieving global corporation) because (insert reason why they suck monkey nipples.)” I am hearing customer service nightmare stories on a daily basis recently and something really needs to be done beyond moaning about it. No matter how small your disservice you should at least say something, eventually someone has to start taking notice. I love going out to eat but in the recent economic downturn I have noticed that the quality of the food and service has gone downhill so much that I am just not willing to pay for it. I think too many people have lost sight of the value of money and way too many definitely put too much priority on it. I work hard for my money and expect to get value for it when I pay for things. Its about quality of life and you dont need a lot of money to have this. Obviously having more wealth helps but it’s about your attitude and your priorities more than anything.

We have been with Virgin broadband now for months and are very happy with it. I’ve always been a fan of the Virgin brand. Richard Branson is, in my opinion, someone that many business owners should take note of! If anyone doesn’t understand the Mary Portas reference, she did a TV series in which she showed suffering brands how to fix up and look sharp. You can find out all about her here if you so desire. If you are complaining about a disservice anywhere always remember it’s usually not the fault of the person serving you, don’t take it out on them. Always be polite and calm and suggest they do things differently, make an official complaint if needed but make sure you are getting the quality that you are paying for! Happy shopping!


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