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Which side is making a boob of themselves?

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For those that watch the news or catch it on the off chance when someone leaves the TV on and that’s what comes on next (yes that would be me!) you may know about the debate as to whether the NHS should pay to replace botched boob jobs or simply just remove them.

I can understand the point that it is a pain for said patient to go through two different procedures to get their boobs “looking good” again (personally I don’t think fake ones ever look good) but why should tax payers pay out for this vain and ridiculous and probably very expensive process! I think we should at least charge them cost price for replacements. It is cosmetic surgery and there is a reason it is charged at a premium price because it is something that people choose to have but is completely unnecessary.

Of course we should make sure these jelly like substances under the skin are not in any way affecting the person medically but nobody should be responsible for replacing them but the person who chose to have them in the first place! If you don’t learn your lesson the first time and want to fork out another 10k for the same surgery that got you in trouble in the first place then more fool you in my opinion! People having these elective operations know full well the risks involved before going through with them and if negative consequences occur then that is something that these patients need to accept.

Tax payers are not responsible for the incompetencies of private doctors who make a fortune off these people and in fact should be the ones who have to repair their original patients! We all know the NHS is already struggling as it is, we don’t need the added costs of such frivolous things taking money away from genuinely sick people.

Well those are my thoughts, how about yours?

I am sad that it has been 2 months since my last post and I intend to pick up again from now! I miss writing and even when really busy I should make some time to sit down and share my piece with the world…or my 3 beloved followers 🙂 Hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine! I know I have I LOVE IT! Gives me that California vibe, how I miss that place. Alas it will soon be over and the weather people are even threatening snow…I hope they’re wrong.

Much love xxx


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