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I won the lottery!!!

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Happy April fools day 😉 haha. Though I do feel very lucky as life is very good at the moment and everything seems to be going well…hope I haven’t just jinxed it!!

OK so start of a new month and Spring and I have thought up a way to spice up my life a little and my blog at the same time. Starting this month I will be trying out something new, something I have never done before every month. I would like to make it more often but for now I am very busy and funds probably would not allow for once a week. So I will say at least once a month. Obviously I will do a little write up about whatever it is I choose for the month. If anybody has any suggestions of something I could do feel free to leave a comment! Some will be more interesting than others but I will do my best all the same. I love trying new things and I am very excited about this whole idea! I have never been one to turn down many things especially if it’s something new to me so here goes!

I also love music and my aim is to find a new band or artists (new to me) every month that I actually like. I say new to me as there are probably some random bands from the past as well as present that I am unaware of and past music is probably always going to be more favourable to me as a lot of the stuff that is churned out today is a bit rubbish! I would imagine newer bands that I find that I enjoy will probably be not very famous ones who often sound better live than they ever will recorded which is a shame because so many people will miss out on them. We shall see! One of the wonders of life is that you never know what you are going to discover!

Another idea I have is to try out different restaurants. As a bit of a food snob I enjoy the finer things in life and I want to start working my way around the masses of great restaurants we have in one of the finest capitals of the world. I am talking about London if you can believe it 😉 That will probably be less often than the other two monthly discoveries though but also something I am very much looking forward to!! I would LOVE to do new places but that one I think shall be left until I am rich 😉

So wish me luck on my new adventures and stay tuned for this months instalment…


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