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I was lucky enough to visit two new restaurants in April. Well in reference to my last post I think I have discovered the other factors i.e.. who I’m with and how hungry I am don’t really effect the overall experience or taste of the food. I went to this restaurant with a friend I clicked with from Day one and we always have a great time. It was also a work night so I was probably as hungry as the last time. My favourite type of food is Mexican so when my friend mentioned there was one at Westfield I just had to try it. The name of the place: Wahaca. I’m not sure if they are all like this or they have made it a bit more upmarket for its surroundings.

The restaurant is themed around market food from Mexico. I haven’t been to Mexico myself but a friend lives there and he tells me the food is fantastic so in no way did this food live up to what I was expecting. You are encouraged to order 2 or 3 dishes together. I ordered 2 and this was more than enough food! Perhaps a ploy to make a bit more money off people who like variety? I ordered chicken taquitos and mushroom quesadillas. They also offer you sharing plates so you can share with the people at your table but we politely refrained as I was chowing down with a vegetarian. I also had 2 glasses of wine, which was by far the tastiest thing I had all evening. I did wonder if this would effect the taste of the food but I don’t think it would that much. The food was in my opinion just plain bland. Despite the small looking portions it was however very filling. I am always disappointed with Mexican meals that are not accompanied by refried beans too. The starter chips and home made salsa were tasty but not particularly difficult to make so unimpressive.

The restaurant also sold a lot of top market tequilas. Granted these are related but to me don’t really fit in with the market food atmosphere. We were seated on tables in the middle of the restaurant in which one on the seats was actually part of the floor. The staff were very friendly and easy on the eyes too which helped the atmosphere but it all just seemed a little confused to me. I did like the unisex sinks for the washrooms, that was a nice touch.

I think the concept is great but it’s not pulled off that well due to them trying to appeal to more upmarket consumers. It seems to bring in the custom though as even on a Thursday it was very busy. I had a great night but the place was completely uninspiring. I think the only thing that would encourage me to try it again is my loyalty to the food of Mexico. I guess it’s possible I chose the wrong things to eat and will keep an open mind if I walk into the place again.

Venue: Wahaca

Location: Westfield, Stratford

Cost: £20 (inc. tip)

Rating (out of 5): 2.5


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