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Sorry it’s been such a long time. Exactly 2 months! Happy Friday the 13th!!

I always thought I was a passionate person but I often envy those people who live and breathe one thing and are so passionate about it they’re able to do that and enjoy it. It probably makes finding a career a lot easier too! I cant figure out if it’s because I like variety too much and lose concentration fairly easily or whether I just havent found my real passion yet. There are things I throughly enjoy like travelling, food, nature and wildlife. Music was very much a passion for me in the past but so much rubbish is churned out these days it makes it very difficult. Perhaps like most things I am just over thinking it. I have a passion for life and I guess I should just be happy with that as a lot of people don’t seem to have that luxury.

I have been very passionate about a certain person in my life and if I focussed such passion on my career I think I’d be very successful by now!

I have a passion for writing. I would be thrilled if I could publish fiction or even write an incredible TV show that goes by the likes of House or Castle. I enjoy reading and watching such things as well and it does seem to take up a lot of my time. Perhaps this is my true passion I just need to commit myself to being more productive about it rather than just enjoying other peoples work. When it comes to my career I think I lack the commitment that the people I envy seem to have. Where does that drive come from? I will soon have a lot more time to focus on myself and I am committing 😉 myself to finding in me the drive I need to make my passion work for me!

I wouldn’t say it’s quite a passion but another thing I find really interesting is people and how their minds work. I could sit with a stranger and talk to them for hours just purely out of curiosity. You would be surprised some of the things that people have done in their past, people always seem to endlessly surprise me that’s for sure! I even sit in busy places and watch what goes on, interactions and images and what people say and do is just fascinating to me. On that note what’s your passion? Do tell…


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