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It’s over a week since I visited but it was my first time chowing down at one of these lovely restaurants. Or was it just lovely because of its new and vibrant location? I guess I will have to visit another one to discover! As most probably know I LOVE Mexican food so I was very happy when my friends decided to skip the queue at Nandos and head to Las Iguanas instead. Nandos is nice and all but I really don’t know why everybody goes nuts over it. I guess its the same with most things that blow up to huge proportions I just don’t seem to ever understand the hype behind it. Perhaps because I’m not a sheep 😉

So I take a look at the menu and cringe. Way too many good things to choose from!!! When I don’t really know what I want food-wise I have a hard time deliberating between all the tasty options available to me. I wasn’t planning on kissing anyone that evening so went for the garlic ciabatta to start and chicken enchiladas for main. Probably my most common main at a Mexican restaurant but I wasn’t feeling very adventurous and the fact that it came with refried beans and rice swayed me. I haven’t had refried beans in a long time and I love them. A lemonade to accompany as I have decided to become teetotal and haven’t touched a drop for about 3 weeks so far…Following the meal we were in a nice bar with all my good friends. The atmosphere was great because of all the out of towners here for the Olympics and I must admit it was quite tough at one point not to get myself a nice cold glass of something strong. Anyway back to the food…

Well it was all delicious. I am really struggling to find a fault with it. There was just the right amount of food. It tasted great. It was overall a good experience.

Well the staff were friendly but seemed pretty miserable. I can’t imagine that working while seeing everyone else out having fun on a Friday night can be highly motivating but it’s your job people! The place could have had a better atmosphere but it’s basically in a food court so I can understand the difficulties there. My friends decided we wouldn’t tip because the waiter was pretty inattentive, of which he admitted himself, and insulting to one of us so fair enough. Though I don’t like not leaving a tip. As someone said however I don’t get tipped for doing my job. Fair point.

Venue: Las Iguanas

Location: Westfield, Stratford

Cost: £15

Rating (out of 5): 4.5


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  1. Glad to hear you loved the food but sorry to hear the service wasn’t up to our usual standard :-(. Our staff are usually a lovely lot so perhaps the pressure of the Olympics was taking its toll but I hope you’ll come back again and find out that they are a friendly bunch! tips are always optional, entirely at your discretion!


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