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As those that know me are aware from the multitude of bragging and pictures sent to them I am very lucky to have a friend who is a very good chef.  He has almost always worked around the Surrey area which is fab for me as it is one of my favourite places in England. If I was going to stay in or around the London area Surrey would be my ideal choice. Anyhoo he has just been given head chef position and complete control over a newly refurbished restaurant and of course we were straight down there the moment it was open!

It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the restaurant is in a cosy little town so of course I am already in a great mood. Stepping inside is a cute little pub and you walk through to the back to meet lush dining tables with beautiful decoration. We sat in a well-lit part of the dining area that looks out onto the garden which also looks top notch.  Staff were very friendly and polite, though something not uncommon in this area. Now onto the best bit…the food!! I opted for a calmari starter but tried a little taster of all four. For the main I had lemon and black pepper chicken and I NEVER have 3 courses but I just couldnt resist the warm brownie to finish it all off!

The calamari was cooked well, which is quite difficult to find as it is often overcooked but it had a little too many flavours going on. The salmon was good but the crab tempura was by far the best starter, absolutely delicious!! The pork terrine was apparently also good but I am not a fan. The chicken was lovely and moist and just the right amount. The steak burger is obviously going to be good, the pea and mint risotto was also incredibly tasty. Risotto being another dish that is often poorly cooked and ends up a mushy tasteless mess. The fourth main was a steak and guiness pie which I am told was also good but again I am not one for liking pies so I just took her word for it. And to finish a warm brownie with the most delicious and fresh strawberries I have ever tasted! The dessert pictures speak for themselves…I am about to tantalise your tastebuds with a great many images. I have a couple from opening night also. Enjoy!

I throughly recommend this place so drop in if you live nearby or perhaps spend the day at Epsom races and go for dinner here after or maybe even join me in doing so as I will defnitely be doing that at some point in the future!

Venue: Leg of Mutton & Cauliflower

Location: Ashstead, Surrey

Cost: Can’t remember exactly. Around £90 for 4 people

Rating (out of 5): 4.5



Pork Terrine

Crab Tempura


Fish cake














Steak burger

Steak & Guiness Pie

Layers of meat!















A little taste of heaven





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