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Hello folks,


It’s been a while! I have been going through a tough time so dropped out of life for a while but am back and better than ever…if that’s even possible 😉 Writing in my blog is one of my many pleasures but I don’t have much theme or organisation to it. A bit like my life really so many of my posts might just be little tidbits from now on about the most random of things. I’ve never been one of those people who has one interest and lives and breathes it so I hope I can keep a few people interested somehow. I have a number of drafts that I wrote a while ago that I may just edit and post.


I’m also using this to get used to typing without a keyboard as I bought myself an iPad which will be much more convenient for my upcoming travels…which are not coming soon enough I might add!! I was struggling with the fact that at the moment I’m just static but I’ve relaxed and decided to enjoy the time I have left with my family and friends because I will miss them loads. The number of people I miss in my life is going up, it sucks getting older. This year especially as I’m hitting the big 3 0 soon. I will no longer be a young quirkyalone 20 something, though I will most likely still be acting like one. I was ready to put down roots because I found someone who was worth it to me but sadly my love story stops there as he didn’t feel the same so my adventure continues!! I will just have to make the most of it.



I did plan on writing a blog daily about my travels but I think in a way that will ruin the freedom part of the experience and anyway my evenings might be spent more productively. Who knows what will happen, so exciting! I will update people along the way but I’m not sure if a blog would be how I’m going to do this. A private blog may be a good idea to update my loved ones and keep to remind myself of some of the amazing things I may forget over time. I guess like everything you just have to wait and see…



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