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I like the odd flutter, on sports usually. I did play a lot of poker in the past too. I’ve kind of limited myself to one bet a day. When your head is in the right place you can make money from gambling with smart decisions. Added with good tips you can make some extra pocket money or some real money if you have the balls. However when you are in bad place it can be very dangerous and I know a lot of people who have spent their lives losing a lot of money. When again, they could be spending it on being happy or on their partners and even children!! I find it sad that some people lack the ability to enjoy their children, as many would say they are probably life’s best gift.


I always wonder if I sound a bit preachy in my blogs but let me tell you I am far from perfect. I have in the past used gambling and alcohol and other things in a path of self destruction. However, because of this I’ve realised the important things in life and I am constantly trying to improve myself. I would never force people to change their lives and I don’t judge people for how they choose to live but I will always encourage my loved ones to live happier lives and I struggle when I see them preventing themselves from doing the things they really want to do and sometimes I can’t help but try to push them a little in the right direction. It’s just in my nature to help people and that often leads to people hating me but they tend to take my advice so I feel good even if they do choose to not be around me anymore. The people I care about are the most important thing in the world to me. Time waits for no man. It is so precious and I feel we need constant reminders of that, myself included!! I am a victim of putting things off until tomorrow but I am realising more and more, due to recent events, that there may not be a tomorrow. Everyone says ‘that won’t happen to me’ but it can and it will, at any time, no matter how young you are. Just decide you want it more than you are afraid of it 🙂

Anyway another tangent prevailed. I don’t know if it is just because I have been communicating with more gamblers or that it has become more popular lately. I suppose they do say it increases a lot during economic crisis. Everybody looking for that one big hit to save them. In a way I suppose gamblers are dreamers and even though it can be a rush, I guess I sometimes do it to try and get the money I need to make my dreams come true. £80 million to be won on the Euromillions tonight by the way people. Good luck!! Please if you win do something with it and if you don’t have the imagination to make a great life for yourself give it to charity and help others do it 🙂 I have often been around very financially comfortable people and I find it really frustrating when they have the money to do things but they don’t. What they would call pocket change I could do incredible things with and I guess it disheartens me sometimes but as I said people get to choose the way they live their lives and even if I don’t like it I have to accept it.


Just call me miss tangent!! I can’t even remember why I started this post but it was something about gambling. I may start posting up my bets of the day to keep a record and see if I really am winning as much as I think or I’m just the ever optimist. They will probably mostly be on the horses but other sports come into it too and often with greater results but a longer wait for returns. Beautiful animals horses, I love them!

Have a great weekend people!!


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