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I love fashion but I’ve never followed it because I’ve always preferred spending money on other things. Especially in this day and age when everything is so expensive most people have to choose one or two things they enjoy as doing everything I enjoyed would see me in huge amounts of debt. So for me travel has always been my financial priority and more locally eating out has also been a guilty pleasure.

When I say fashion however I don’t mean wearing everything the catwalk says you should. Choosing to do this often makes people look ridiculous as they end up wearing things that in no way suit or flatter them. There are exceptions to the rule, some lucky people look good in whatever they wear and some have the ability to make any article of clothing work in an ensemble. I think I could be pretty good at that sort of thing but it would cost so much because not only do you always need the right shoes but you absolutely must accessorise darling! I have even resisted the urge to throw on daily slap because I just can’t justify the expense and I would rather have that extra half hour of sleep in the morning. I guess I have always chosen life experience over looking good and I’m perfectly happy with that but obviously, in a city in particular, you are always looked at and judged differently for not conforming to that norm. Most people find it strange that a young woman would choose not to wear makeup. Some people would even go as far as not wanting to hangout with me. Fair enough, live and let live I say. For me though the people around me just need to have their hearts in the right place, looking their best everyday isn’t a requirement of mine. I feel people look their best healthy and happy and comfortable in themselves, no matter how they choose to dress. I also don’t want to be liked for the way I look but the person that I am because well I’m pretty awesome 😉

This post was going to be about fashion but as always I went off on a tangent and I’ll save the topic for another time 🙂


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