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The Rain

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As a native of England you are very familiar with rain. You have to get used to it at least, but I say embrace it! Enjoy it! We get enough of it.

When I cycle home from work I often go past a playground full of kids on their break and today I noticed that they sounded so much more happy and the laughter and playing just seemed more genuine and I’m putting it down to the fact that it was wet and slightly drizzly. One day that really stands out for me from my school days was when it poured with rain and 50-100 of us had a massive puddle fight at lunch. This was at about aged 15 not 5 too! We were drenched and our last class there were just puddles under everyones chairs but spirits were high and it was a great memory. I think as a kid we enjoy weather like the snow and rain.  At what point do we lose that?

Who cares if your perfectly styled hair gets a little messed up. People will see it again tomorrow. Personally I think the wet style is even quite sexy. In a world where it is forced upon us that image is everything I understand this is hard for most to embrace but you have to learn to enjoy the everyday so-called bad things like the weather to keep that smile on your face. It’s also probably one of the biggest conversation starters in this country, you might just miss out on that new friend or even more because you were too worried about what your hair looked like.

I absolutely love water. If I get in a good shower I have to drag myself out because I just love standing under it. I enjoy swimming regularly. I love the ocean, I could sit and listen to it for hours. Sailing is an amazing recreation, first thing I would buy if I won the lottery would be a yacht. However, I don’t think it’s just the fact that I love water I just think that the rain is an enjoyable experience and we should let loose the kid inside us sometimes. It keeps you young and healthy.  You have to remember that when it’s raining everyone is in the same boat, no pun intended. So you won’t be the only one who may look a little like a drowned rat. If you cycle or jog, next time it starts raning get on your trainers and go for a run, I promise you wont hate it 🙂 You might even find it fun!

Not only that but rain is one of nature’s beautiful wonders if you can look at it the right way…I don’t imagine there is anyone who hasn’t enjoyed sitting and listening to the rain at least once. There is also that fresh clean feel and smell when you step outside after a good rain. There is beauty in everything.



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