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Day 11 on the farm 25/3/13

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So I’ve been here over a week and I still really can’t think of anything negative about life out here. I’ve seen a few more interesting insects…last night a mini scorpion in the bathroom, a mini jumping spider which is possibly what I woke up with on my face a couple of nights ago, it had also turned on the lamp in my room which is one of those touch ones. A bit freaky but if I was living in a house rather than a shack I think it would be less likely anyway! It’s 23 glorious degrees outside today. I have been left to run the shop on my own a few times now and it’s been pretty nice interacting with all the holiday goers.

I met the farmers wife and she’s lovely. She fed me up and brought with her boots, trousers and gloves for me to work in so no more blisters alleluia! She made me feel even more welcome here and I am trying to think of a way to express my gratitude for when I have to leave. I will be meeting his children and grandchildren at Easter which will be eventful I’m sure.
I just got the speech about wasting water but its rain water or pumped from the river so it doesn’t cost him a cent and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to use a rivers worth, despite my 20 minute showers.

If I keep having to practice making the ice creams and of course eating them after, all my hard work in losing weight is going to be ruined! Work was hard today, all my muscles are aching and my hands are raw but like if I was at the gym I just pushed though the wall. I am catching the sun which probably isn’t helping but it will be nice to be a bit more brown.Earning money is slow so far but I may be getting a job down at one of the local vineyards which will be much better money. I will also be making waffles in the mornings for customers and minus ingredients all the money made will be mine.

This is completely unrelated to farm life but I’ve noticed something in my time in Australia. There seems to be a lot of media attention on depression and a lot of people setting up help for sufferers. It’s on TV, it’s on posters from toilet doors to shops to bus stops. It baffles me a bit! I mean Australia is booming at the moment, everyone is making money and spending it. The sun is always shining. If you avoid the fast food places most of the time the food is fresh and good for you. As far as I’ve seen there’s not a whole lot of binge drinking going on. There is a mountain of physical activities you can do. How are so many people in this country suffering from depression? How much better do people need things to be? I understand major life changes like deaths of spouses etc but I can’t imagine that’s so common for it to be an issue. I’ve seen people who’ve lost their houses due to floods or more recently a tornado and they just pick up and get on with life. I guess it suggests that it’s very much the person and how they deal with things that affects their way of life, not their surroundings. I think this is something that should be concentrated on with children as much as their school work, teaching them how to handle life. It could also be that they already have everything so don’t know what to do with themselves, as depression is also pretty common among rich housewives everywhere in the world. Well that’s my two pence worth. I guess I see this place with rose tinted glasses being here on ‘holiday’ but compared to almost anywhere else I’ve been in the world Aussies have got it pretty darn good!

Other than hearing ‘fair dinkum’, ‘cobber’ and other native lingo on a regular basis I think as a traveller one of the best things about living and working with someone is being able to stay in one place for a while and settle a bit and really see what life is about over here. I already don’t want to leave Tasmania. I will have to at some point though to find some work to continue living the dream. I can honestly say I haven’t been this happy in a really really long time and now I just have to get my boyfriend, family and friends over here and everything would be perfect! Ha.


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