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Day 22 on the farm 5/4/13

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Well all is not rosy on the farm. I have discovered when two very different people live in a confined space together it doesn’t work. An argument was had and the farmer is convinced I was in the wrong however I very much fail to see how and he wanted to argue with me and really didn’t speak to me in a nice way. Made completely insane assumptions about me after knowing me for a measly three weeks. Really am in shock to be honest and I feel he is taking his frustrations with his business out on myself. I also think he spends too much time alone as he thinks the whole town is against him. Well he’s apparently happy with his life so tomorrow I am leaving him to get on with it, without my help. Good luck buddy.

Back to being a traveller. A backpacker I can’t call myself as my contents are in a wheelie holdall and I spend way too much on food ha. I’m growing weary of people say “you’re brave” when I tell them I’m travelling alone. I’m not brave I’m enjoying life. I may be a million miles from home and my loved ones but I don’t feel like I’m ever in any danger. Brave people are those who jump into flaming buildings to save people or try to stop attacks happening in the street. Even though travelling for a long time is at times very hard and can be extremely lonely I don’t class myself as being brave. Strong perhaps. Determined maybe. Save the bravery for the heroes.

The East coast of Tasmania is truly stunning and I don’t regret coming. I’ve learnt to stick up for myself and choose my own path. If anyone ever gets the chance to come to Tassie they must take it! The east coast is just beautiful. I’m looking forward to heading off to see more of the state.

Dick Dundee came back!!! Luckily it was when I was here on my own so I could talk to him about staying on his farm for a while. It appeals to me way more because of the horses and dogs. Home grown veggies and kangaroo and fish caught for dinner won’t hurt either yum! More of a real farm experience. I don’t think I got a great deal out of this experience personally except how to clean sigh but maybe I soaked something up that will be useful in my future. I am hoping anyway that I can fit in going to this farm even if its only for 2 weeks as I’ll also need to make a little money in the next six weeks before the boyfriend arrives for our epic adventure. We will be experiencing the almost traditional campervan experience and also heading to Bali for 9 days, another country to tick off the list. All exciting stuff!

I’m finally going to start writing a book. I’ve been racking my brains trying to decide what my future holds career wise so I can jump in head first when I eventually go home but I can’t seem to stick to one option. Hopefully inspiration will take over along the way!


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