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The day after I left the farm 7/4/13

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It possibly sounds lame to some but yesterday I had the best experience of my trip so far. I was sat on a bench after naughtily just having consumed a whole small pizza to myself and just about to start writing when I notice some fins wading across the water. I jump up throw the pizza box in the rubbish, chuck my stuff in my bag and run to the rocks to witness at least four dolphins jumping in and out of the water. I’ve tried many boat trips in Australia so far to get a sighting of these amazing creatures. I even had a wild dolphin swim booked when I was in Adelaide and it was cancelled due to RAIN, in AUSTRALIA. What are the odds! I didn’t think I’d ever witness them in their natural habitat and out of the blue on the day I’m not feeling that great and I should probably still be on the farm and there they are right in front of me! It happened so fast I only managed to snap one picture but it was a pretty good one! The major downside to only using a camera phone and not an actual camera on such a trip is the lack of zooming capabilities. The picture was posted on my Twitter account if you wish to view it >>>>>

I think what made it so great was the fact that it was so surprising and unexpected. Even though I’m constantly excited about seeing new things this occurrence really got me pumped for more adventures! The problem, or maybe it’s not such a problem, I have mainly with such a long trip is I’m in such a rush to see everything that I think I’m missing out on valuable experiences in the places I’ve visited so far. However I have another ten months yet so I can always go back!


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