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The thing I love about Australian cities is the fact that they all have incredible nature right on their doorsteps. Launceston’s masterpiece is the Cataract Gorge which I spent a good five or six hours hiking around today. It’s beautiful like the rest of Tasmania.
One track I was literally in the woods completely alone. At one point a jogger passed me but for the other sixty to ninety minutes it was just me and the nature surrounding me. I got to listen and learn all the sounds. A little rustling on the ground meant I had disturbed a lizard sunbathing on a rock. The rustling in the trees above was the little wedge tail birds with their sweet songs. At one point a beautifully coloured one flew to the branch ahead of me. It flew around me from branch to branch as I stood still to watch it and then it flew at me, if I hadn’t have moved I swear it would have landed on my head! Was incredible. The loud sound a little further off was a wallaby bolting as it heard the jangling of my water bottle. I also witnessed baby wallabies munching away. Three of them, one slightly smaller than the other two. It was so amazing. Australians would just walk past these creatures as they’ve seen so many but any animal will always keep me fascinated for ages. There were also peacocks wandering around, including babies and they were even taking food off the visitors.
I love white gum trees! I also have a fascination with bridges. There were two suspension bridges to walk across today. One of them I did twice, just for fun! I remember when I was a kid I made my dad drive well out of the way on a family holiday so I could see the amazing bridge that is the Humber. I don’t know where my interest in bridges came from, especially those of the suspension kind but I suspect school somehow. Many things grabbed me while I was learning about them at school and I still have the enthusiasm and curiosity about things today but I can’t read about things I have to discover them through doing or listening. I guess interactively. I read all about the history of the Duck Reach power station today on my way around however.
When I was walking out of the reserve and back to the hostel I noticed that everything was more beautiful. It’s almost as if nature teaches you to open your eyes and see the beauty in everything. Although I’m sure the sun helped! I think the day completely refreshed me and its great to have that escape from city life.

I had this post written on my phone and it was much better but i forgot to save it argh. Random thought of the day…I think photography is for people with a good eye but aren’t all that good at drawing.
I’m sure there are lots of things that have changed about me since I left for my trip two months ago but one of the things I am so happy to say is that I am now used to everyone being friendly because that’s what they are rather than sceptical about what somebody wants when they say hello. It’s quite a nice feeling to know that if you came unstuck almost anywhere in the country there is someone around who would gladly help you out.

God bless Australia 😉


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