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It’s not all adventure…

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Or is it?

I thought I would give you a little insight into what a normal day might be like on a working holiday inbetween the cool stuff that you all see pictures of!

I feel really good after a swim, despite the fact that the water was cold, I got disturbed half an hour into it by a hundred school kids and I had to bin my swimming costume because it was practically disintegrating.

Australian Indians don’t cook Bhuna! This makes me a little sad every time I fancy a curry!

I find it funny and interesting that there are shops closing down all over the state, possibly the country but everywhere I’ve been there are a few CD shops still thriving.

I had to give in and buy some cheap jeans. Something I don’t like skimping on but I figure cheap jeans that fit will make me look less like a tramp than good jeans that are falling off me teenage gangster style. I just have to hope they survive more than two washes and don’t dye the rest of my clothes. Or even my legs for that matter!

Getting fed up with living off ham, lettuce and cheese wraps and noodles I decided to get myself a Chinese takeaway. Walking home you can see the sympathy in people’s eyes as they see I have take out for one haha.

So my day pretty standard, although ideally it would involve some sort of work in the very near future! Until my lovely roommate decides she wants to practice driving the car she bought yesterday. She admits to having only driven about four times in her life total. It was going great apart from stalling once until we get to the top of a hill and she stalls again. Cars start lining up behind us and as she’s trying to pull away she’s rolling backwards!!! The lady behind us had to back up so we didn’t hit her. Oops! All the cars had to go past us and she made me get out while she tried again and again until she finally made it. Was quite entertaining for a standard Tuesday evening trip to the supermarket. Was also quite nice being in a car again. It’s been a long time! So in a way everyday you can come across a mini adventure, no matter where you are! Enjoy the little things is the way to enjoy life 🙂

I miss you all!! Xxxxx


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