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Try me! Breads & sweet treats

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Hello lovely people!

It’s been a while! As some may or may not know I have been selling my delightfully yummy baked goods for my enjoyment and yours 🙂
Below is a list of the things that are guaranteed to be tasty and how little they will cost you. If there is something you want me to make for you I’m willing to give it a try and you get a discount for being the guinea pig. So feel free to send me a message. I will be adding to the list regularly so keep an eye out or visit my Facebook page… where there are pictures.
At the moment I can only deliver locally (near Ilford, Essex) but that will expand a bit once I gain my mode of transport aka a scooter, if all goes to plan.
Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy my goodies 🙂 Get some while they’re still cheap!

White/wholemeal loaf. £1.80
Above with seeds (poppy, sunflower, sesame, linseed etc.). £2.00
Carrot cake (with or without orange icing). Serves about 8. £4.50
Apple & blackberry crumble (serves 4-6). £5.50
Oatmeal & raisin cookies. 40p each, 4 for £1.50, 6 for £2, 12 for £4, 18 for £6.50, 24 for £8, 48 for £15
Gingerbread (in many different shapes) 12 for £3.50, 24 for £6.50
Blueberry muffins. 50p each, 4 for £1.75, 6 for £2.50, 12 for £5
Golden snitch cake pops 75p each, 12 for £7.50
Baileys cookies 75p each, 6 for £4, 12 for £7.50
Gingerbread house £25
Party piece (chocolate cookies & marscapone cream tree) £15
Shortbread Traditional circle of 8 triangles £3, 6 chosen shapes £3, 12 pieces £5
Fudge £5 add £1.50 for gift packaging (box, ribbon and bow)
Truffles £5 add £1.50 for gift packaging
Lemon meringue pie £5
Chocolate chip cookies 60p each, 6 for £3.25
Donuts with glaze or chocolate £1 each, 6 for £5, 12 for £10


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