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I haven’t blogged for ages! I do miss it. I find I have more time to do it at the moment as I spend a lot of time travelling for work. I pretty much get up, shower, leave for work, get in from work and go to sleep. And of course do it all over again the next day. Any free time I have I spend volunteering with SJS Awareness UK, driving lessons or catching up with my lovely boyfriend. I’m flat out working as much as I can for the next 4 weeks as then we will be setting off on his motorbike for 6 weeks around Europe spanning 10 different countries. It’s going to be a pretty epic summer 🙂 Camping most of the time too! Can’t wait until the adventure begins. It’s a lovely warm sunny day today and that always cheers me up. The best thing about my current job is probably that I get to travel to a different part of the South East every day and I think it’s the only thing that stops me from hating it. Yesterday I was in Canterbury, today in Reading, tomorrow Waterloo station and Sunday in St Albans. I’ve never been one for routine and I think the changes in scenery is the only thing keeping me sane. Anyway the reason I decided to blog was something I witnessed yesterday which I felt I had to share.

I was working in Boots when I overheard a girl asking one of the staff about anti-ageing cream. She said she thought she looked old and she smokes so she wants some cream to prevent the wrinkles. Firstly if you’re that worried perhaps quit smoking? Your health would probably appreciate it. The staff member asked her for her age and she replied 25! Is it just me in thinking that this is crazy?!? I didn’t think the girl looked old at all and she probably walked away with £60 worth of product. These companies must be laughing their way to the bank with these things. The girl even told the staff member she tried one cream already and it didn’t work and the staff member even said to her well it’s probably because you don’t have any signs of ageing so there’s nothing to see. She went on to explain that it’s pretty much about hydrating the skin. Im no expert but I’m pretty sure you don’t need a £30 bottle of face cream to do that. I was listening with complete shock to be honest. I can’t believe we’ve got to a point where a 25 year old is worrying about her image so much that she’s spending that amount of money to ward off wrinkles that probably won’t be coming for at least another 15 years. Perhaps it’s because I’m lucky enough to look younger than my age or because I know how hard I have to work to earn enough to pay for just that one bottle of cream but I am screaming insanity for the situation I witnessed! I’m just hoping this young lady is not in the majority.


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