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And so the countdown begins

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21 days until we begin our Eurotrip on the KTM Adventure. It will come pretty quickly as time really is flying by! You would think I would be used to trip preparation by now but every one is different and for this one I’m attempting to research all ten countries we’re visiting to try and get the best out of them as we can. I’m behind as I’ve only done 3 so far! We do have a rough itinerary though and this makes me really excited because we are going to some of the most beautiful places in Europe. Of that I am aware there are thousands but I am especially looking forward to Lake Como, the Croatian coast, Venice, the Alps in a couple of different countries, the Black Forest and the list goes on. I also still need to kit myself out with bike clothing which I have never really worn before.

I think the thing I am most apprehensive about is spending 6 weeks on the bike. The furthest we have gone on it together so far is Alton Towers. Though that isn’t a good example because it was November, absolutely freezing and we had to stop a lot just to make sure we didn’t lose fingers and toes! Summer will also have it’s disadvantages as wearing trousers, boots, helmets and jackets is probably not ideal but as we go along hopefully we will figure out ways to keep cool. My buttocks on the other hand may never forgive me for this trip haha.

We will be strapping a tent and a double sleeping bag (this will be new for me) to the back of the bike and mostly camping our way around. In the summer camping is awesome and it means we can wake up between mountains and next to lakes for a great price. I am glad though, that we have the option of checking into a b&b on a rainy day, which I’m hoping we won’t need to do!

It would be amazing if there was more if this to come…



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