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Better get moving

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15 days to go. Yesterday we went to buy some motorbike clothing. Essential really if you’re going to spend that amount of time on one, especially as we will be driving all over unknown places. To start with a little context, since returning from Australia last year I’ve gained around 2 stone in weight, luckily I am able to hide it quite well. I’m now your average woman. Scott, the boyfriend and bike rider, has developed a little beer belly and is struggling to get into half his jeans lately. Typical relationship behaviour I suppose, though I attribute mine more to not working for a while as mine is starting to drop off again thankfully!

We called ahead to make sure the place had women’s clothing as many of the biker shops don’t really cater for us ladies. Walking into these shops I usually feel a bit intimidated, it’s not really my world…yet. However this one had quite a relaxed atmosphere. Perusing the racks a staff member was eager to help me to find what I need. I asked for a pair of jeans I liked in my usual size and was gutted when trying them on I couldn’t get them past my butt. I heard the staff member ask over the doors how the jeans were and with a shameful giggle I had to admit too small and he returned a few minutes later throwing a bigger pair over the doors for me. I had to go with the only pair I could get in to, a size bigger than I should be but at least I know I will be fairly comfy, although probably quite warm. I knew going in this wasn’t going to be the most confidence filling experience ha. Catching up with Scott scanning the rails for jeans in a size bigger because the ones he tried on were also a bit snug. Oh dear, this wasn’t going great for either of us.

So on to the jacket selection. Scott already possesses two old jackets in a large, which we can both easily fit into but we thought it better I get my own. Bless the staff member for being so tactful when I tried on the first large size ladies jacket and it wouldn’t zip up. I found one that fit but it had too much pink for my liking so we decided to get a men’s jacket which Scott could use after the trip as his was looking very tired. He picked one he liked, grabbed a large and didn’t look happy when he couldn’t zip it up. I commented that we probably both needed to go on a diet and it was the staff member’s turn to let out a nervous chuckle. So after both trying on the XL jacket we were finally kitted out and could relax and banter with the staff at the tills while we paid for our stuff then jumped on the bike to head back home, glad that we didn’t have to do that again for a while.

Usually people return from their holidays having indulged too much and having to adjust their belts but in my case I am usually far happier and healthier on holidays and come back slimmer. Another reason to look forward to this trip! Hopefully I’ll be having to purchase a belt for those oversized jeans while I’m away.

A few more bits to pick up, a little more research to do and we will be ready to pack up and go. Packing I am dreading as we obviously have limited space. No doubt I will let you know how that goes!


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