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2 wheels are better than?

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It sounds a little morbid but sometimes when I’ve had only 3 hours sleep and I’m sat on the coach heading to whatever destination I am working in that day, listening to 3 different languages and smelling things that make my stomach turn I just wish to myself that I don’t check out of life on one of these journeys. It’s not how I would want to go and it obviously isn’t a job I enjoy very much. The last point of which I am going to try very hard to fix when I return. The 9-5 world is calling my name. We want our own place and I’m going to work hard to get it!

I know very little about motorbikes and this post will probably prove my ignorance but for me this trip is very different to any other I’ve taken because it will be on a motorbike and I’m unsure of how it’s going to go. I feel I’m either going to love it or be fed up of aching buns and having to look like the Michelin man in 30 degree weather. Very much holding out hope that it’s the former. As mentioned before the bike got messed up by some evil person so it’s in the garage getting fixed. We have a loan bike in the mean time which is a lot smaller and to me a very different experience. As I am just a passenger and my only experience being on a bike previously has been on the KTM that’s all I can go on but I shall attempt to explain why.

For anyone who has never been on a bike it can at first be a scary experience. It can jolt back and forth while gears are changed or when the bike breaks or accelerates and you are gripping on tightly hoping that feeling of flying off the back is only a possibility in your head. When turning you feel as if you’re getting close to the floor and the wheels can fly out beneath you and you picture yourself sliding along the tarmac hoping you don’t lose too much skin in the process. Or perhaps I’m being a little dramatic 😉 but the less exaggerated feelings are there. Ok so the KTM 1190 Adventure is big and heavy and feels as though the tyres are glued to the ground and there’s not much chance of you sliding anywhere. When you put the box on the back with the padding it’s like having a nice safe secure little seat and without the helmet and the wind in your hair you could pretty much be riding in a car. The loan bike is a lot smaller and lighter, like most bikes really. There’s a little seat at the back to perch your bum and hardly anything to hold on to. You feel much more free and the fact that it feels less secure somehow makes it more fun. You can tell there’s a lot less between you and the ground but it’s a good feeling, you’re at one with the outside, just as on a bicycle. The fact that being on any bike makes you feel a little bit closer to your surroundings will probably add something to this trip though as we will be visiting or driving through some spectacular scenery and it should be pretty special. I am excited! 6 days to go…


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